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Giovanni Pica

Giovanni Pica is Associate Professor of Economics at the Department of Economics, Management and Quantitative Methods of the University of Milan. He has a Ph.D. in Economics from Universitat Pompeu Fabra.

He is affiliated with Centro Studi Luca D'AglianoCSEFCentro Baffi and fRDB. His research concentrates on the labour market effects of financial market imperfections, globalization and labour market institutions. He is currently working on the role of internal capital and labour markets within organizations, on the labour market impact of the financial crisis, on the link between social mobility and macroeconomic outcomes, and on occupational licensing

Recent Publications

  • Cingano, F., M. Leonardi, J. Messina and G. Pica, “Employment Protection Legislation, Capital Investment and Access to Credit: Evidence from Italy”, The Economic Journal, 126(595): 1798–1822, 2016
  • Jappelli, T., M. Padula and G. Pica, “Do Transfer Taxes Reduce Intergenerational Transfers?, Journal of the European Economic Association, 12(1): 248-275, 2014.
  • Leonardi, M. and G. Pica, “Who Pays for It? The Heterogeneous Wage Effects of Employment Protection Legislation”, The Economic Journal, 123(573): 1236-1278, 2013.
  • Boutin, X., G. Cestone, C. Fumagalli, G. Pica and N. Serrano-Velarde, “The Deep-Pocket Effect of Internal Capital Markets”, Journal of Financial Economics, 109(1): 122-145, 2013.
  • Pagano, M. and G. Pica, “Finance and Employment”, Economic Policy, 27(69): 5-55, 2012.




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