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Emanuele Bacchiocchi

Emanuele Bacchiocchi is Associate Professor of Econometrics at the University of Milan, and has a Ph.D. in Methodological Statistics for Scientific Research from the University of Bologna.

He graduated in Statistical Sciences at the University of Bologna where he subsequently obtained the Ph.D. in Methodological Statistics for Scientific Research. His main research interests are: time series econometrics with particular attention to stationary and nonstationary VAR models; identification of econometric models, structural breaks, and applied macro and micro econometrics.

Recent Publications

  • Bacchiocchi, E., E. Castelnuovo and L. Fanelli, “Gimme a Break! Identification and Estimation of the Macroeconomic Effects of Monetary Policy Shocks in the U.S.,” Macroeconomic Dynamics, forthcoming.
  • Bacchiocchi, E. and A. Missale, “Multilateral Indexed Loans and Debt Sustainability,” Oxford Review of Economic Policy, 31(3-4): 305-329, 2015.
  • Bacchiocchi, E., M. Florio and G. Taveggia, “Asymmetric Effects of Electricity Regulatory Reforms in the EU15 and in the New Member States: Empirical Evidence from Residential Prices 1990-2011,” Utilities Policy 35: 72-90, 2015.
  • Bacchiocchi, E. and L. Fanelli, “Identification in Structural Vector Autoregressive Models with Structural Changes,” Oxford Bulletin of Economics and Statistics 77: 761-779, 2015.
  • Bacchiocchi, E., M. Florio and A. Giunta, “Internationalization and Industrial Districts: Evidence from the Italian Automotive Supply Chain,” International Review of Applied Economics, 28: 1-21, 2014.

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